Tosi Law, PLLC was founded on the principle that criminal defense can and should be done with a focus on the needs of the individual client. The firm focuses on Federal criminal defense, North Carolina criminal defense, and traffic defenses. The firm has extensive experience in these areas which allows us to assist our clients both from the perspective of an individual’s background, as well as their specific criminal defense situation.

     Tosi Law, PLLC operates under the theory that a more diverse client base and a broader range of charges that it will defend, will lead to a better, more complete defense for each individual client. The firm will be more open to the possibility of creative solutions to problems, which in turn can result in the best possible result for any given client and the facts surrounding their prosecution by the government.

Pricing and Payment

Due to the individualized nature of our representation, all pricing is done on a case by case basis.

The firm accepts nearly all major forms of payment but prefers CASH or CHECK.

If you have further questions regarding pricing and payment, please use the contact form.